Montag, 2. Mai 2011


I needed new sunglasses and got these in the style of Ray Ban. I love it to mix and match so I like it to have thing´s i can mix and match with. Which lady can live without jewellery ? I don´t ! So I brought 3 little but cute charms.

xx Nat

Pearls & fabric DIY.

I adore fabrics with dots, I don´t know why but i love them. Maybe because they can make u look sweet, shy and innocent. I needed a new top so i decided to make one for myself with a little more cute and interesing details. I´m very happy with it, and i have to say that it wasn´t very difficult to make it. The most fun of all is, that you can do whatever you want and be creative. So here is my result.

Ps. Sorry for the bad quality.